Georgetown Duplex Finished

We at GMP Properties are excited to announce the completion of our latest Georgetown Duplex.  With the help of one of our most trusted clients, we took on this project.  It started out as a dated Halton Bungalow that was going to be a cash negative rental investment.  We worked with the town to get the permits in place and started construction on what was to be an outstanding rental space.  Here are some of the before pictures:

With the help of our construction team we were able to turn this space into a unit that doesn't feel like a basement apartment.  Proper space planning, materials, new windows and a new weeping tile system has turned this damp dark space into a beautiful rental investment.

This has now converted this Halton Bungalow into an excellent cash positive investment and we ended up bringing this in under budget!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact GMP Properties.