We Are On Facebook

Well we have finally done it. 

We have taken the plunge and have created a facebook account. With that we are hoping to be able to share a lot more of our insight through the Social Media Platform. Also it's a way to help create a community for all of our clients and keeping you up to date with what we are working on to create a better experience for you. 


Go check it out at; www.facebook.com/GMPProperties 


GMP Expands to Simcoe County

GMP is excited to announce two new additions to our team.  We would like to Welcome Alica Linklater who is heading our Business Developement in Simcoe county and Heather Hugo is our newest member ouf our administration team.  Alica brings many years of real estate and real estate investing to GMP!  She is available to talk to you regarding your current property needs or any investment opportunities you would like to explore.

Welcome to the Team Ladies!

Georgetown Duplex Finished

We at GMP Properties are excited to announce the completion of our latest Georgetown Duplex.  With the help of one of our most trusted clients, we took on this project.  It started out as a dated Halton Bungalow that was going to be a cash negative rental investment.  We worked with the town to get the permits in place and started construction on what was to be an outstanding rental space.  Here are some of the before pictures:

GMP's 2016 Outlook

As we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome in 2016, we at GMP are seeing excellent prospects for the new year.  We start the year with our new project in the #Georgetownrentalmarket, of converting a bungalow into a multi unit dwelling.  This project marks one of the interesting #realestateinvestments we are recommending to our clients.  

Georgetown Investment Opportunities

GMP Properties is excited to announce the addition of a new property at 91 Prince Charles in Georgetown ON.  This property is one of our newest Rental Income Strategies and over the next few months I will keep you posted on the progress of turning this single family residence into a dual family dwelling.  We have been focused on bringing these types of opportunities to our #Haltoninvestors and we are excited to start this new project.

Does Curb Appeal effect your Return on investment?

Does curb appeal effect my Return on Investment?  Funny enough, this is not a question I get from my current or potential clients.  It seems that this is not really a concern that people have in the rental market.  The problem is that this is this is the first thing a potential renter see's when they approach the property.  It sets their mind set  on the value of the property and establishes the mood they are going to have when looking at a rental unit.  

GMP Properties Expands to Hamilton

We at GMP Properties are excited to announce the addition of our newest property in Hamilton.  This beautiful multiplex has Bachelor, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom apartments.  We have started working with the tenants to ensure a smooth transition from the former owner and Property Manager.  We have started our on boarding of this property with the presentation of our 5 year plan to the new owner.  He is excited at the prospect of improving his investment for both his current tenants and for future tenants to come!  We will be tackling many projects in the coming years including: